A Woman Is Our Only Option

I think that Donald Trump is the least qualified person in the country to lead it, but if we’re going to continue supporting the oligarchy America has become, he is probably the best man for the job. I think he’ll be the last American president, but 240 years is a pretty good run. Kratom is an increasingly popular supplement that many people are usin, in https://kratommasters.com/treasure-house-botanicals-products-and-prices/
I think the conversation should move to who’s the best woman for the job. Anyone who’s not just pissed off beyond reason knows that Trump would make a terrible leader, leaving us with Hillary Clinton, whom many of us don’t trust, and Jill Stein, who, when most people take the time to listen to her, can’t help but agree with and trust what she says. I know it’s risky with our addiction to the 2 predominant parties, but I wonder if, during the next 4 months, we, as a people, can make those two parties Democrat and Green, and just leave the testosterone option out of the picture.
tumblr_oadcsvZnSM1qfqxggo1_500Trump is a clown. He is the archetype of the American male, the epitome of where selfishness and egotism can take us. His own party can’t even believe they are forced to support him. I think it’s time we decide to elect a woman, and let the men go play video games or something.
Why would any of us want to vote for another dick who wants to build walls and bully other countries? For anyone who has supported Hillary, a big part of the compulsion has been to have a female president. What if we not make another male president an option?
If you want to descalate war, if you want a government that cares and provides for you, if you want to develop a community that nurtures, if you want a less violent world that is more supportive of creativity and collaboration, vote for a woman. Jill or Hillary. Trump is not an option.